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James Comey and the Fallacy of His Being Apolitical

Posted on: April 23rd, 2017 by Mike Sax No Comments

I already wrote earlier about that truly stunning NYTimes piece yesterday on the Comey letter. But it was a very long and informative piece and one post by no means exhausts all that we have learned. I second Jamil Smith: Correct. Comey continues to try to dress himself up in purely apolitical robes. "The day before he upended the 2016 election, James B. Comey, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, summoned agents and lawyers to his conference room. They had been debating all day, and it was time for a decision." "Mr. Comey’s plan was to tell Congress that the F.B.I. had received new evidence and was reopening its investigation into Hillary Clinton, the presidential front-runner. The move would violate the policies of an agency that does not reveal its investigations or do anything that may influence an election. But Mr. Comey had declared the case closed, and he believed he was obligated to tell Congress...

A Win for Mary Le Pen Would be Huge Win for Putin

Posted on: April 23rd, 2017 by Mike Sax No Comments

Which is why he's stepping on up on active measures going into today's election. Russia is at it again: "Almost one in four of the internet links shared by French users of social media in the run-up to elections were related to fake news, much of which favoured anti-EU candidates and showed traces of Russian influence, according to a new study." "The survey, by a UK-based firm, Bakamo, published on Wednesday (19 April), looked at 800 websites and almost 8 million links shared between 1 November and 4 April." "Of the links, 19.2 percent related to media that did not “adhere to journalistic standards” and that expressed “radical opinions … to craft a disruptive narrative” in what the study called the “reframe” category." "A further 5 percent of links related to “narratives [that were] often mythical, almost theological in nature” or...

A Sudden Explosion of Chelsea Clinton Derangement Syndrome

Posted on: April 23rd, 2017 by Mike Sax No Comments

I'm noticing this is becoming a thing. There is real concern about hitting her with a preemptive strike now. "PLEASE, GOD, STOP CHELSEA CLINTON FROM WHATEVER SHE IS DOING" "The last thing the left needs is the third iteration of a failed political dynasty." I'm not sure what makes it failed. Bill won two terms. Hillary unfortunately won't be POTUS-though she won the popular vote by 3 million and without the Comey letter she wins the whole thing. As it is she's the first major party Presidential nominee. This on a career that saw her a NY Senator and then a Secretary of State. That's 'failed?' Her career certainly fell short of her ultimate goal but how does make her 'failed?' And it's also not clear that 'political dynasties' always fail. You have the Roosevelts and the Kennedys. Would anyone say the Kennedys had...

Why the Media is So Married to the ‘Hillary Was a Terrible Candidate’ Narrative

Posted on: April 23rd, 2017 by Mike Sax No Comments

This is why they love the new 'Shattered' book so much: it validates their narrative that Hillary lost because she was the worst candidate in world history. They need this narrative because without it, they're on bad reporting comes into focus. In my last post I wrote about that stunning NYTimes piece on how James Comey conducted the email probe-contrasted with how he ran the Russia probe. There were two standards. With the Russia probe he played by the book-very cautiously, reveal nothing in public. With the email probe throw out the book and declare it a time of 'exceptional circumstances.' Then there is the question of the political impact. Both the Comey Letter-and the initial Comey Press Conference in July of 2016-were very harmful to Hillary's poll numbers. Yet most Beltway pundits are treating Comey is a very small and trivial extraneous...

James Comey Decided to do July Press Conference Based on Info Stolen by Russian Hackers

Posted on: April 23rd, 2017 by Mike Sax No Comments

That NY Times piece on Comey's handling of the email vs. Russia investigations is just wow. Comey Tried toShield the F.B.I. FromPolitics. Then HeShaped an Election. As the F.B.I. investigated Hillary Clinton and the Trumpcampaign, James B. Comey tried to keep the bureau outof politics but plunged it into the center of a bitter election. There are many things in this huge NY Times piece that just make you shake your head. How Comey say the Emailgate scandal as representing 'exceptional circumstances' but not the fact that Russia was subverting an American Presidential election possibly with the cooperation and collusion of the Trump campaign. He handled the Russia probe very differently: "Mr. Reid’s letter sparked frenzied speculation about what the F.B.I. was doing. At a congressional hearing in September, Representative Jerrold Nadler, Democrat of New York, pressed Mr. Comey for an explanation,...

Will France Make the Same Mistake We Did?

Posted on: April 22nd, 2017 by Mike Sax No Comments

Donald Trump has been celebrating the recent ISIS attack in France-which says it all; he's celebrating it as a political opportunity-as a catalyst to put his fellow Nazi Mary Le Pen over the finish line in France tomorrow. "Did Donald Trump just endorse Marine Le Pen?" "The first round of the French elections is being held on Sunday. This year’s race is a challenge for pollsters, featuring four main candidates who are each polling at around 20 percent: the centrist Emmanuel Macron, the far-right Marine Le Pen, the far-right but not as far-right as Le Pen (and also corrupt, though we’re also talking about French politics) Francois Fillon, andFrance’s Bernie Sanders, Jean-Luc Mélenchon." "Until a late surge by Mélenchon, the race had been widely seen as the next great battle between the populist far-right and a centrist status quo. Le Pen has been repeatedly compared to Donald Trump—she hung out at Trump Tower during the transition—and some believe the race...

Bombshell: Elizabeth Warren Has Seen Evidence Russia Hacked into Voting System

Posted on: April 22nd, 2017 by Mike Sax No Comments

This is something I've been asking myself for a few months. How do we know they didn't? And now in a new interview Elizabeth Warren reveals that she's seen 'convincing evidence' Russia hacked into 'US systems to influence the election. For a few months I've been asking about this. For one thing there are these Guccifer 2.0 tweets on November 4. While the hacks of the DNC are famous, it's not realized that they also took the DNC voter...

Julian Assange,Takes Potshots at Islam, the ACLU

Posted on: April 22nd, 2017 by Mike Sax No Comments

Glenn Greenwald makes a good point. As much as I hate to do it, give him his due: "I think the key point here to understand is the way in which governments typically try and abridge core freedoms, because what they know is that if they target a group that is popular or a particular idea that people agree with, there will be an uprising against the attempt to abridge freedom. So what they always do, for example, when governments try and abridge freedom of speech, is they pick somebody who they know is hated in society or who expresses an idea that most people find repellent, and they try and abridge freedom of speech in that case, so that most people will let their hatred for the person being targeted override the principle involved, and they will sanction or at least acquiesce to the attack on freedom because they hate the person being attacked. But what happens is, the abridgment then gets institutionalized and entrenched. And that way, when the government goes to start to apply...

Jason Chaffetz is Hugging His Wife so Close, She’s Choking

Posted on: April 22nd, 2017 by Mike Sax No Comments

This is why it's impossible to take his cover story at face value. Chaffetz has a history of using his wife as a human shield. As I wrote in my previous piece, I can't buy Chaffetz's cover story as it doesn't add up. If he wants to run for Governor, why not wait until the end of his term to leave the House? But this 'I've got to go home to hang with my wife for the next 30 to 40 years' is even less plausible. Chaffetz is a very ambitious politician. Why would he be done now? "Jason Chaffetz is so ambitious that his last name is a verb." "In the political world, to Chaffetz means to throw a former mentor under the bus in order to get ahead, and various prominent Republicans, from former Utah governor and presidential candidate Jon Huntsman Jr. to House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, have experienced what...

Is Jason Chaffetz Under FBI Investigation for Campaign Finance Fraud?

Posted on: April 22nd, 2017 by Mike Sax No Comments

Jason in the House is leaving the House and it's not that I'm not grateful. To the contrary, it's very nice to see the Lee Harvey Oswald of American Democracy stepping down. "Still, the abruptness is head spinning. He clearly had planned to stay on as long as he ran the House Oversight Committee which was until 2021. Salon-which is Bernie Sanders country, they actually were the ones to start Bernie or Bust-are certain there's noting to see here. They really don't care about Russian collusion or the Comey letter as it mitigates from their theory-Hillary lost because she's a terrible candidate." “Trump getting elected was the worst possible thing for him,” says one Utah political insider. “Under a Hillary Clinton presidency, he would have had a nightly gig on Fox News. It would have been Crooked Hillary every night. Instead he got Trump.” "Being in charge of investigating allegations of government impropriety against the famously vindictive Trump is bad enough. Add to...


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