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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Obama’s Approval Numbers Rise: Is It the Economy?

     So asks a CNBC post. Maybe the somewhat improving economy has helped.

      I also think what is helping him is similar to what helped Bill Clitnion during the impeachment fiasco during the 90s-he is simply a lot more likable than his enemies.

     Maybe his numbers going up are simply Americans having seeing the alternative of what they could have with the GOP candidates-more vicious budget cuts, no stimulus for the economy other than supply side tax cuts and the absurd idea that we currently suffer from over regulation and uncertainty.

    I mean the Republicans aren’t exactly giving us much to choose from this year. Rick Perry who was as is par for the course in this primary and early leader but then a dud, someone who suggested a deeply regressive tax cuts. is a religious fundamentalist, and shows a woeful lack of knowledge about the government he wants to put an ax to.
   We had Herman Cain, who gave us the most absurdly regressive tax proposal in the modern era, that would cut the taxes dramatically by the wealthy and pay it back by equally draconian tax hikes on non wealthy Americans-guess he feels that’s what we deserve-after all it was he who claimed that if you aren’t rich it’s your fault.

    In addition Mr. Cain doesn’t believe in civil liberties particularly for Muslims who is particularly fixated against, and played the typical GOP game of accusing liberals of playing the race card while playing it himself quite shamelessly. The of course there was his extremely sordid personal life-he has paid cash settlements to many women to stop them from bringing sexual harassment allegations against him, though it was a consensual affair of his that was his final death knell that while it torpedoed his candidacy, might make a great reality show.

    Then we had Newt who at one point was such a flake his own campaign quit and was paid 1.6 million in lobbying fees from Freddie Mac despite the Republican ideology that the financial crisis was all Fannie and Freddie’s fault.

     Then we have the spectre where again the GOP shows that it does not mind tax hikes as long as they are not targeted at the wealthy as the House Republicans were set to allow the payroll tax holiday to expire before they realized just how badly they are damaging themselves.



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