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Saturday, June 16, 2012

An Open Letter to Karen the Lonely Conservative

       So there I was minding my own business and I get this snarky comment from someone who calls herself ‘Karen the Lonely Conservative.”

       It was response to my post “Sean Hannity Tries to Finger the Obama Girl”

       “Your blog title says so much about you and your side. Liberals hate anyone that disagrees with them. Why? Because they can’t hold a debate without getting hateful. Basement dwellers like you are what took this country down and we patriots will fix your problems.”

      It’s funny. I mean  she says that I and “my side” hate anyone who disagrees with them. I know listen to Rush right? He adores people who disagree with him. We got Sean Hannity making childish noises when Obama’s speaking. I mean there’s nothing quite like the hate she and her buddies have for the President. It’s a hate so deep and visceral it’s barely even human. Oh, yeah, it’s got nothing to do with that he’s black.

     And of course, there’s nothing more classically Republican than her claim that I am just a “basement dweller.” I mean it’s perfect. That’s the whole little conservative Repug attitude in a nutshell.

     I find myself repulsed-yet strangely intrigued. So I clicked her name and it turns out she has a blog called the Lonely Conservative. Turns out she like me is a New Yorker though she’s upstate-of course the Republican area.

     She is lonely because we’re a blue state. Yeah I guess so. I mean true. But I live in Long Island which is probably majority Republican like her neck of the woods. I just got finished telling Cedric in a comment over at Money Illusion that

    ” the thing about me is I’m a liberal but I don’t really hang out with other liberals much. I couldn’t hack it at places like Firedoglake, Daily Kos, and even Democratic Underground. I don’t really seek agreement-I’m suspicious of it like it’s the end of thinking or something.”

      Reflecting on this made me feel like investigating the Lonely One’s sight. She had this comment:

       “I drank gin once, when I was younger. I threw up. Every time I think of these progressive Democrats controlling our government it brings back that memory”

        Wow! Now that’s what a conservative Republican sounds like! So I left her a few comments:

         ‘Hey Karen. You posted on my site so thought I’d return the favor. You know, your boy Mike over at Diary of a Republican Hater.That was a great thing the President did today taking the foot off the neck of the young Latinos. gonna be a real vote getter too. Not that Romney has any Latino support now.Mr. Self Deport. Too bad about your email. I hate Republicans but only in a responsible way.”

        The “too bad” referred to the fact that she claims that she can’t give out her emails no more because horrible liberals are giving out her email to lots of spam.

        “Oh be still my beating heart! I’m a New Yorker too. Your buddy again Mike from Diary of a Republican Hater/”

        And further more:

         “Wait till you meet me. I’m the biggest liberal in the world. I’ll really make you hurl!”


           However, to remove any doubt that conservative Repugs are every bit as  crazy as they seem I found she had left me another comment. She hasn’t yet printed my comment-I allowed her to write on my blog but I have to await “moderation” on hers:

            “Please compare the IP address of this comment to the comment above. They are different aren’t they? I never have heard of your blog so I never would have left a comment here. Nothing personal. Thank you for letting me know. I would ask that you please delete any comments that I didn’t leave.”

            Ok. She didn’t leave them. She didn’t tell me who did. Maybe it’s the snarky Right wing comments fairy. Cuckoo for cocoa puffs. Is this how Darrell Issa’s witch hunt against Eric Holder started?



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