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Monday, August 20, 2012

In Truth Paul Ryan Ends Medicare For Those Over 55 As Well

     Ryan certainly wins points for political cynicism. The way he put his plan to end Medicare was very clever. By his claiming to only want to voucherize Medicare benefits for those under 55 he hopes to drive a generational wedge among Americans.

     His wager is that the senior citizens will say, Ok! I don’t mind you cutting the benefits of my children and grandchildren as long as you don’t cut mine. It appeals to the normal Republican target of rational ignorance.

     Where you make choices out of a narrow self interest-though this choice is predicated on ignorance. I thnk that he underestimates the elderly. I don’t think they will take such a deal.

      However, beyond this I don’t think they are this ignorant, which makes the appeal to rational ignorance unsuccessful.

       If you understand how insurance works the healthy pay for the sick, the young for the old. If Ryan-Romney voucherizes Medicare for those under 55 where will the funding come from for those over 55?

       “The GOP, Ryan and Karl pretend those 55 and over can keep traditional Medicare. It is a malicious lie intended to divide the old from the young and while gutting the entire program. They know that. This is the truth about privatizing Medicare.”

      1. Any insurance plan relies on younger, healthier subscribers’ premiums to pay for the less healthy older subscribers. The younger usually need less care.

     2. By giving the younger seniors a voucher, the GOP effectively siphoning off funding in the form of vouchers for younger seniors, the GOP de-facto defund traditional Medicare and cause the system to collapse financially. So, no, older seniors cannot “keep it.” It won’t be there.

     3. For those currently under 55, it would no longer BE Medicare, but rather private insurance. Thus the end of Medicare as we know it for the younger seniors too.

     It’s actually very like the claim that Ryan opposes abortion in all cases except in saving the life of the mother. In this he joins Todd Aiken in banning abortion for rape and incest. Though Romney is trying to distance himself from Aiken, Ryan shares Aiken’s quibbling over “real rape” and actually backed a GOP plan to redefine rape down so that certain kinds of rape will no longer be prosecuted as rape.

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