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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

David Duke Calls Steve Scalise a Fine Family Man

     Talk about damning with praise. Usually you hear about ‘damning with faint praise’ but in this case this is praise period is damning and the more praise the more damning. 

     Here’s an endorsement House Majority Whip Steve Scalise probably wasn’t looking for and doesn’t want. In a comment to The Huffington Post, white nationalist and former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke called the Republican congressman “a fine family man and a good person.”

Duke was responding to a recently unearthed story that revealed Scalise had given a keynote address at a 2002 event hosted by the neo-Nazi’s white supremacist group.
     Scalise is trying to claim that he just didn’t realize he was speaking at a David Duke bash back in 2002-even though the hotel for the bash basically censured the party as it didn’t want any association with it. Yet Scalise just didn’t know who he was talking to. 
      Still while he effects to not know who Duke is the Grandmaster of the KKK endorses him. 
      “But even as Scalise is working hard to distance himself from the neo-Nazis, Duke apparently has no problem endorsing him.”
        Duke says that it was nothing unusual for Scalise to be there as Duke had a ‘ton of Republican support’ in Lousiana. Why is that? Is it that all those Republicans just mixed David Duke up with the Chamber of Commerce as Scalise did? Reading Huff Po, it gets better:
        “For his part, Scalise’s office has said he was unaware of the white supremacist group’s views when as a state lawmaker, he spoke at the 2002 conference. But in 1999, then-state Rep. Scalise told a Washington newspaper that he agreed with many of Duke’s “conservative” views.
Duke told The Huffington Post that he doesn’t remember speaking with Scalise before the conference. (He later told The Washington Post that Scalise was invited to the event by two of his longtime associates, Howie Farrell and Kenny Knight.) But it would have been nothing out of the ordinary for a Louisiana Republican at the time, Duke claimed.
“I literally defeated the Republican sitting governor of that state,” said Duke, referring to the 1991 race in which he forced a runoff against Democratic candidate Edwin Edwards. “I had a huge amount of Republican support.”
     Scalise was no different than all those other Repulicans in the state at that time. Seeing that they asked Allison Grimes who she voted for maybe they ought to ask who Scalise voted for back in 1990. 

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  1. Greg says:

    Hey Mike,

    Hope your holidays have been nice. Hope you got some time for R&R.

    This comment belongs in your deBlasio post from a while back but I put it here so you will catch it sooner.

    Im really getting concerned about the behavior of cops….. everywhere. There seems to me to be no real interest in reigning it what looks like a policy of giving them a gun and letting them decide when to use it. They are not allowed to be questioned, they continually fall back on how "dangerous" their job is and act as if citizens should just STFU or they are gonna see what police brutality looks like.

    This, to me, IS the key issue of our time. This is how the neoliberal nightmare gets its chance to fully come to fruition. Once municipalities are starved of tax revenue and services are privatized, formerly public employees are now personal care assistants for the plutocrats. These cops will take their marching orders not from Mayors but from the guys who are really paying for things.

    The contempt for average people that these cops and their supporters are expressing lately is quite disgusting and this is coming form deep down too. We are a very sick nation and we are allowing many of our least democratic minded people carry guns and "enforce order". I'm getting VERY concerned.

    How this all plays out in NY will be very important to what the rest of the country does I think. I hope deBlasio can hold up. He's got some sharks circling and they want more than him, they want every major metro area

    • mikesax says:

      Great to hear from you Greg. I know that even when I don't hear from you you're reading me and always appreciated.

      I agree with you entirely. As a New Yorker-though I don't live in NYC but on Long Island-I'm close to the eye of the storm. I agree it's a real concern

      What's really sad is that these two police officers tragic deaths have been highjacked for a political agenda. I too am very concerned at the spectre of cops simply turning their backs at the Mayor of NYC. That's a real red flag. It can't happen. What it suggests is that these officers are putting themselves above the people and above the law. I mean to not recognize the office of the Mayor? Is this becoming a police state?

      De Blasio has said nothing of the nature they're accusing him of which shows your point-his sin was simply criticizing any practices of the NYPD or in anyway disagreeing with that Staten Island verdict.

      We seemed to have hit an impasse where 'you're either with the cops or you're against us'. Though they act as if De Blasio is the problem this is a national phenomenon that they're not being honest about.

      I agree this is a real ongoing problem What does seem clear is it's impossible to get a simple trial-forget about a conviction-against any police use of excessive force at least if the victim is a young Black man.

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