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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What Exactly Do the Police Unions Want From de Blasio?

      The man is trying his best. I don’t know what they expect from him. He speaks to them for 2 hours and then Patrick Lynch says ‘Well actions speak louder than words?’

      What I don’t get and none of the de Blasio bashers can explain is that while they feel the Mayor has somehow wronged them horribly what exactly was it that he did? It seems that it’s certain words he has spoken. They apparently didn’t like his campaign for Mayor because he called for the end of stop and frisk even though Lynch and the unions also criticized stop and frisk as ‘quotas’ being imposed on officers.

      They didn’t like when he talked about his son and when he was critical of the Eric Garner grand jury decision. In the minds of Lynch and his union buddies this somehow constitutes a war on police. Somehow it’s ‘hate filled rhetoric’ to question anything the police do.

      Meanwhile the only one who has really used hate filled rhetoric is Lynch who vilely claimed that de Blasio has ‘blood on his hands.’ N

      After a 2 hour meeting the police unions aren’t happy. They ‘expected more.’

       “I was expecting more,” a union official who was in the room said. “In fairness to the mayor, he is asking for conversation to move forward.”

      But when the discussion ended, the official said, “we were all scratching our heads over what is getting solved.”

       I’m glad they’re scratching their heads, because I am too. What exactly were they expecting from the Mayor at this meeting? I guess they wanted him on bended knee, for the crime of what exactly? You never get any real answer here. I guess they think that he has to enter into some sort of voluntary lobotomy where he comes out and says the Eric Garner decision made perfect sense, anything less is ‘throwing the police under the bus.’

      As I said yesterday the undercurrent here seems to be that we are no longer living in a democracy here in NYC as the police think that they serve Patrick Lynch not the people of the City who like it or not elected de Blasio.

       Now we have the spectre of the unions threatening a work stoppage by the police-which is totally illegal. 

       “The New York Post on Tuesday reported, and city officials confirmed, that officers are essentially abandoning enforcement of low-level offenses. According to data The Post cited for the week starting Dec. 22 — two days after two officers were shot and killed on a Brooklyn street — traffic citations had fallen by 94 percent over the same period last year, summonses for offenses like public drinking and urination were down 94 percent, parking violations were down 92 percent, and drug arrests by the Organized Crime Control Bureau were down 84 percent.”

       “The data cover only a week, and the reasons for the plunge are not entirely clear. But it is so steep and sudden as to suggest a dangerous, deplorable escalation of the police confrontation with the de Blasio administration. Even considering the heightened tensions surrounding the officers’ deaths and pending labor negotiations — the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association has no contract, and its leader, Patrick Lynch, has been the most strident in attacking Mr. de Blasio, calling him a bloody accomplice to the officers’ murder — this action is repugnant and inexcusable. It amounts to a public act of extortion by the police.”

       The NY Times as well finds the claim that de Blasio has attacked the police empty:

       “The list of grievances adds up to very little, unless you look at it through the magnifying lens of resentment fomented by union bosses and right-wing commentators. The falling murder rate, the increased resources for the department, the end of quota-based policing, which the police union despised, the mayor’s commitment to “broken-windows” policing — none of that matters, because many cops have latched on to the narrative that they are hated, with the mayor orchestrating the hate.”

      “It’s a false narrative. Mr. de Blasio was elected by a wide margin on a promise to reform the policing excesses that were found unconstitutional by a federal court. He hired a proven reformer, Mr. Bratton, who had achieved with the Los Angeles Police Department what needs doing in New York. The furor that has gripped the city since the Garner killing has been a complicated mess. But what New Yorkers expect of the Police Department is simple:”

      “1. Don’t violate the Constitution.”

      “2. Don’t kill unarmed people.”

       “To that we can add:”

       “3. Do your jobs. The police are sworn public servants, and refusing to work violates their oath to serve and protect. Mr. Bratton should hold his commanders and supervisors responsible, and turn this insubordination around.”

       “Mr. de Blasio has a responsibility to lead the city out of this impasse, and to his credit has avoided inflaming the situation with hasty or hostile words. But it’s the Police Department that needs to police itself. Rank-and-file officers deserve a department they can be proud of, not the insular, defiant, toxically politicized constituency that Mr. Lynch seems to want to lead.”

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