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The Obama Bounce? Why the GOP is so Frustrated

Posted on: December 24th, 2014 by Mike Sax No Comments

     One can understand it. If they weren't overall such a nasty bunch I'd almost feel sorry for them. It's the whole idea of political capital. Paul Waldman has a post on Obama's coming bounce in the polls.       "President Obama’s approval ratings are about to start rising. In fact, they already have — just a couple of points here and there, showing up so far in some polls but not in others — but unless something unexpected happens, I can all but guarantee you that the trend will continue. The reason is the accretion of good news about the economy: the best quarterly growth in a decade, the Dow reaching an all-time high, consumer confidence higher than at any point since 2007, job growth strong, gas prices low. As Matt O’Brien wrote yesterday in a bit of (acknowledged) hyperbole, “This isn’t a blip. It’s a boom.”    ...

Sumner and Cochrane vs. Krugman and David Frum

Posted on: December 24th, 2014 by Mike Sax No Comments

     John Cochrane hates Krugman. There's been a real feud between these two that goes back to when Krugman went after him for going after Christy Romer and accusing her of using 'shlock economics' during the stimulus debate of 2009.       Scott Sumner as is typical of his tactics tries to represent himself as the Sensible Centrist in the Room. So he arbitrates the Cochrane-Krugman feud.        "Some economists are really good at zeroing in the the proper tool to employ in a given situation. Paul Krugman is perhaps the best in the macro blogosphere. Among academics, Bennett McCallum is excellent.  Keep in mind that this is just one skill among many.  Thus about 90% of the time I would agree with John Cochrane on policy issues more than with Paul Krugman, and yet on methodological issues I’m far closer to Krugman....

De Blasio the Adult in the Room

Posted on: December 23rd, 2014 by Mike Sax No Comments

     The NYTimes editorial board nails it.      "the only one responsible for the killings is the killer, Ismaaiyl Brinsley. Mr. Bratton’s 35,000 officers, in whom Mr. Lynch has been trying mightily to stoke a sense of grievance and victimhood, need to hear from him that this administration fully supports the police, and that gestures of contempt — like turning their backs on the mayor — are out of place."       "The protests for police reform should not be stifled — they should be allowed to continue, and be listened to. The protesters and their defenders, including Mayor de Blasio, need offer no apologies for denouncing misguided and brutal police tactics and deploring the evident injustice of the deaths of unarmed black men like Eric Garner. As Mr. de Blasio noted on Monday, a vast majority of demonstrators are “people who are trying to work for a more just society,” a mission that has nothing to do with hating or...

Obama’s Recovering Poll Numbers

Posted on: December 22nd, 2014 by Mike Sax No Comments

     A number of pundits talked about how Obama may be headed for a recovery in poll numbers that have been in the low 40s the last year and a half-not great numbers though better than Bush.      Just on Friday, Gallup had done a piece about how little his approval ratings have vacillated during 2014-with a low of 40 and a high of 45.       What's amazing is just one day after talk of his popularity being in a narrow range he exploded out of that this afternoon. He now has a 47% approval rating with 49% disapproving.         What's going on is manifold.         There is an economy seemingly...

Did I Miss Something? NY Police Union Blames De Blasio For Murder of Two Officers?

Posted on: December 22nd, 2014 by Mike Sax No Comments

     It just makes no sense.      Believing City Hall has betrayed them, cops demonstrated their anger Saturday by turning their backs on Mayor de Blasio as he entered a Brooklyn hospital to pay his respects to two murdered officers.      A startling video shows a hallway at Woodhull Hospital filled with officers silently facing away from de Blasio as he walks a blue gantlet.      The demonstration, captured by WPIX11 News, included the presidents of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association and the Sergeants Benevolent Association.      “Mayor de Blasio, the blood of these two officers is clearly on your hands,” Ed Mullins, president of the sergeants association, said in a statement to his union members Saturday night.      “It is your failed policies and actions that enabled this tragedy to occur,” he said. “I only hope and pray that more of these ambushes and...

A Little Known Fact About Eli Manning in 2014

Posted on: December 22nd, 2014 by Mike Sax No Comments

     The little known fact is that he's actually having a very good year, even a career year.       These are his best numbers ever. This has not been understood. Most people seem to think he's had a bad year this year. What they don't get is that while the team was disappointing-until the last 3 games-the QB has played very well. He now has a career best 93.5 QB rating, a career best 64.1% completion rate and at this point at least with one game to play a career best TD to Int ratio of better than 2 to 1-he's had a ratio of about 2 to 1 a number of times which kind of belies the belief that he's a interception machine.      Actually, a lot of people seem to think he's been an interception machine this year. He had that one bad...

Is it Wrong to Depict Kim Jong-un’s Assassination?

Posted on: December 19th, 2014 by Mike Sax 2 Comments

      This has been argued, that yes, it was wrong what the hackers-according to the U.S. government, it was North Korea as a nation who did it-did what they did, but really, Sony was wrong to ever shoot this movie in the first place. I mean how would we feel if someone made a movie about killing President Obama?        I have no doubt that Obama haters in the Republican party probably imagine this all the time anyway. I guess, though this might seem a fair point: why have a movie about killing Kim Jong, I mean that's not very nice is it?       There are some murky areas here. Like here is a firebagger basically praising the attacks as they brought us some damning information about racism and sexism in Hollywood.        I find this problematic-while it's disappointing to hear that these bigwigs see...

Can We Stop Calling Obama the Deporter in Chief Yet?

Posted on: December 19th, 2014 by Mike Sax No Comments

      I was touched by the wonderful comments about him on Huff Po yesterday. So just purely to bask in it I'm going to quote a few comments they made about Obama.        Here is Wayne Oliver:        "IN  due time, Obama will be known as the best President that the American people elected."          I do think he's pretty great too. Now as far as 'the greatest ever'-there were a few other great ones-FDR, LBJ, Clinton. Of course, there's always Abe Lincoln. But I don't want to quibble as for years people on the Left have been scorning him as no FDR-conveniently leaving out that Obama's stimulus was actually bigger than anything FDR did. Look, I love FDR and have no interest in taking anything from him, but the reality is he was a deficit hawk.          Yet, I don't...

Doesn’t Seem That GOP Win Has Exactly Stopped the President So Far

Posted on: December 18th, 2014 by Mike Sax No Comments

     Quite the opposite in fact.       Big surprise-Rush Limbaugh is declaring See I Told You So. This is what he does best.        Basically, he claims to have warned conservatives of what was going to happen-the latest liberal treachery-and then gloats for allegedly having foretold it where so many others failed to. Now he claims he had been warning about the evil Obama had planned-you know to 'destroy America'-but others failed to listen.         "Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh is calling President Barack Obama’s move to normalize U.S.-Cuban relations “chump change” compared to what else the...

Since Election Loss We Have a New Improved Obama

Posted on: December 18th, 2014 by Mike Sax 18 Comments

     Those losses have freed him.      Think about just how much he has done since the November loss.      "For years, progressives have sharply criticized President Obama for shaping major decisions around the idea that scaling back his ambitions would ultimately secure the GOP cooperation he had long sought. But the GOP takeover of Congress has effectively freed Obama from that illusion, leaving him little choice other than to be as aggressive and ambitious as possible in unilaterally pursuing his agenda wherever he can."      "This is now setting in motion a series of arguments that will shape the next race for the presidency." I     "n a very good piece, the New York Times’ Michael Shear reports that Obama’s decision to pursue normalized relations with Cuba is only the latest in a pattern that may characterize his last...

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