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Last Men and OverMen is Moving to WordPress

Posted on: September 21st, 2016 by Mike Sax No Comments

They say all good things must come to an end. But they never read Last Men and OverMen, a good thing that will never end. Never, Never ever. Never, ever, ever, Ok I think I've made my point. No, this blog is not ending, though, perhaps it's not a blog anymore. There is a rule of thumb where blogs are on blogger but websites are on Wordpress, which is where we now are. So please join me folks. The water is warm. Not only is this good thing going to continue, it's going to be much better as Wordpress's formatting simply blows Blogger out of the water. No matter how hard you work on Blogger it always seems to give you a certain amateurish look. WP on the other hand just has this wonderful polish. See you on the flip side. I think you will like it better as I do. ...

Florida Voters not Buying Trump’s Birther Con

Posted on: September 20th, 2016 by Mike Sax No Comments

We've heard so much lately about how much trouble Hillary is in. Just recently a lot of prognosticators like Larry Sabato have updated their forecasts for a closer race. The irony is, that this might all be in the rearview mirror already. The Trump momentum may well have ended in early September. But last week with her health scare imputed a lot of short term noise into the polls. FiveThirtyEight gives Trump the edge in Florida currently. But a new Monmouth poll shows her with a 5 point lead among likely voters-the same margin Survey Monkey gives her nationally. "BREAKING:  "Florida HRC 46 (was 48 in Aug) DJT 41 (was 39) " "#FLSen Rubio 47 (was 48) Murphy 45 (was 43" according to Monmouth, Rubio is no shoo in either. The best news? Floridians are not as stupid as Trump needs them to be, needs us all to be:"Hillary Clinton...

The Republican Party’s Hitlerian Disregard for the Truth

Posted on: September 20th, 2016 by Mike Sax No Comments

Morning Joe is Back in Bed With Trump Again Guess he only objects to Nazism if he doesn't think it can win. Now that the media is ripe with 'Trump can win' testimonials Joe Scarborough is cool with Nazism. Meanwhile, Morning Joe is back in bed with Trump again. A National Review article warns that if you don't vote for Donald Trump it's Republican suicide. The NR who got panned by the RNC earlier for an edition full of  #NeverTrump columns is now #NeverNeverTrump. Not voting for Trump is Republican suicide. So Republican suicide is on the ballot. The other choice is national suicide. GOP partisan hacks like Morning Joe would rather take national suicide. Great piece by Richard Cohen who talks about Donald Trump's...

Donald Trump was Born With an Inheritance but He Lost His Daddy’s Money

Posted on: September 20th, 2016 by Mike Sax No Comments

Guess who these are the immortal words of? Yup, you guessed it, my main man Harry Reid. I'm going to miss him in the Senate. Chris Cillizza recently wrote another post complaining about what Harry said about Romney's taxes in 2012. Few politicians, though, are as willing as Reid to speak publicly about their disregard for the truth in pursuit of victory. His view on how to win in politics is both remarkable and remarkably depressing." How often does Cillizza believe Harry Reid has lied compared to Donald Trump who Cillizza doesn't find depressing at all? For the record, it's not so clear that Reid did lie. When he said it, Romney hadn't released the two years he'd release in October. And if Romney paid-pretty low-taxes in a couple of years, this didn't mean he didn't pay zero other years. We still don't know as Romney never released it. Meanwhile. Cillizza...

Stephen Colbert Could Never be a Journalist

Posted on: September 20th, 2016 by Mike Sax No Comments

Why? Because he tells the truth: Donald Trump is a liar. He's' a pathological liar. He lies at superhuman levels. His lies are able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. I have to quote LL Cool J: 'You are the largest liar that was ever created. You and Pinocchio are probably related, you're a liar.' Someone should ask LL if that song was inspired by Donald Trump Journalists usually prefer 'He said She said' journalism. Democrats say 2+2=4, Republicans say 2+2=9, opinions differ on what 2+2 really =. There has been some signs since Trump fleeced cable tv again with that absurd birther infomercial. Although the jury is still out. Last night, though, Stephen Colbert showed how its' done. "Stephen Colbert may have offered the definitive takedown Monday night of Donald Trump's effort to rewrite history on the whole birther saga.""Over...

Those Already Dancing on Hillary’s Grave Might Just Want to Hold Off

Posted on: September 20th, 2016 by Mike Sax 1 Comment

As usual, the expectations for Hillary as the first woman to be a major party nominee are just absurd. She's never allowed to miss dotting a single 'i' or crossing a single 't' or the media starts talking in terms that would make you think it's Watergate or something. Ignoring that with a Trump Presidency it would be Watergate on steroids every single day. Hillary has led this race basically wire to wire. A few times it's been tied or close to it. But if you were to average the polls over the entire election so far, she has been up by about 5 points on average. This is about twice the average lead of Obama in 2012 and it's even above his average lead in 2008. And even if the race tightened she is ahead of where Obama was even now in either year. "This story gets written every four years." " On 9/18/12, Romney was +1.5 in RCP avg." " On 9/18/2008, McCain was +4.5." as Hillary always gets a much tougher standard she...

This is Donald Trump’s Republican Party

Posted on: September 19th, 2016 by Mike Sax No Comments

Pop quiz. Who is less popular than Hillary Clinton, less popular even than Donald Trump? You guessed it. The Republican party.'s be clear here. Donald Trump's nomination was no mistake. To paraphrase Little Marco: Don't say the Republican party didn't know what it was doing when it nominated Donald Trump. It knew exactly what it was doing.  Birtherism, for its part, was not invented by Trump though he was its bullhorn. Yesterday the Republican truly shamed and sullied itself in institutionalizing birtherism.  "Trump Surrogates Have No Good Answers for the Birther story.""That's our conclusion after watching the Sunday shows. Here was New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on CNN: "It's not true that he kept it up for five years [after President Obama released his birth certificate in 2011]." In fact, we've listed these post-2011 tweets and statements that Trump made questioning Obama's citizenship. Here was Campaign...

Chris Christie’s Bridge Too Far

Posted on: September 19th, 2016 by Mike Sax No Comments

This will be another interesting comparison of the media standard for Hilary vs. Trump. We know that Trump has the lowest bar in electoral history in the media where she can't neglect to cross a single t or dot a single i or the media starts howling as if it's Watergate. Remember a few weeks ago when the media tried to hype Anthony Weiners latest sexting fiasco as somehow reflecting badly on Hillary's campaign? After all, Weiner has no connection to the campaign but her husband does and Hillary is responsible for who someone who works for her marries.Just as Huma herself of course per the misogynistic press, is responsible for her husband's behavior even if she's a victim of it herself. This was the same thought process when some pundits like Ruth Marcus declared Bill's 90s infidelities 'fair game' regarding Hillary's campaign 20 years ago. She has to pay for being the victim of infidelity. It's fair game. Now we hear that, yeah, just as many of us always suspected, Chris Christie...

Gary Johnson Doesn’t Know Much and His Young Supporters Don’t Know Much About Him

Posted on: September 19th, 2016 by Mike Sax No Comments

This is something that drives me nuts. The young millennials who supported Bernie were supposedly so earnest, so interested in nothing but policy substance. Bernie himself always says it's not about personalities. But for the Bernie or Busters, this is all about personality. How else do you explain them not throwing their support behind Hillary after the concessions she gave Bernie on the MW-$15 was in the Dem platform-and on student loans(she has agreed  to the goal of making tuition free for those under a certain level of income)? Still a large swatch of millennials are supporting Gary Johnson which makes zero sense if policy substance is what they care about. (Happily, Jill Stein is not doing so hot). Paul Krugman looks at this strange state of affairs: "Does it make sense to vote for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for president? Sure, as long as you believe two things. First, you have to believe that it makes no difference at all whether Hillary Clinton or...

If Donald Trump Wins, I Will Never Forgive America, Especially White Folks

Posted on: September 19th, 2016 by Mike Sax No Comments

Again, as I went through in my last post, I'm not anti white-in truth I'm about 80% white in my own ethinicity and 20% black. But let's face it: if Trump only has a prayer because a lot of white voters support him. Are they all racist? I wouldn't be so quick to say no. This is how I put it in my last post: "Good job white voters. Just think: if the electorate was as white as it was in 1984, Trump would win in a landslide. Does this mean that most white voters are racist? Well, that question takes us back to the whole flack over 'deplorables.' ""The media got very indignant over the idea that you are assuming that everyone who votes for Trump is a racist. So should we divide Trump supporters into following two groups?"1. Those who are voting for him because he's a racist. 2. Those who are voting for him despite him being a...

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