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Monday, March 13, 2017

Roger Stone Coordinated With Guccifer 2.0

Remember where we are in all this folks. Here’s what we know per our top 17 intelligence agencies:

1. Russia interfered in our election and they did it for the expressed purpose of helping one candidate-Donald Trump-at the expense of the other-Hillary Clinton.

2. The candidate the Russians were helping won

3. Ergo, Donald Trump is the Manchurian candidate.

4. Now here’s what we don’t know: did the Trump campaign coordinate and collude with this Russian interference? This is what the Senate Intelligence Committee is trying to find out.

Now how this committee does its job properly with Devon Nunes who just happens to be a Trump transition official leading it is a good question. One that Nunes has done nothing to allay when he says things that seems to suggest he already wants to declare the Trump campaign innocent before even starting the investigation.

Since this story really broke in earnest in December-this happened after the 17 intelligence agencies confirmed Russia’s interference and their motive-it has been clear that this is Watergate 2.0.

1. It centers on who broke into the DNC again. Of course, like with the initial Watergate there were many different dimensions to Watergate the scandal than the literal break in to the Watergate hotel.

For more on this, read John Dean.

2. But another way you know this is Watergate 2.0 is Roger Stone is at the center of it. It’s rather jarring to realize that Stone was only 19 during Watergate. Yet he was called in to testify before the Watergate Committee.

It would eventually be established with certainty that the man who’d written the “Canucks” letter, the man who’d hired the black protesters in front of Muskie’s hotel room, was Donald Segretti, who handled a secret, separate black ops campaign team for CREEP. The man who’d actually sent the letter to McCloskey, who’d hired the Sedan Chair II mole, was a nineteen year old operative named Roger Stone. It was because of this that he makes a brief appearance in the Watergate testimony.”

Roger Stone: Pretty Reckless Is Going Straight To Hell Part One

By the way, this blog italkyoubored has the best history of Roger Stone out there. It’s a great eight parter.

So Stone was a major player in electing Richard Nixon despite his young years. Think about it: according to Nixon’s own belief, Ed Muskie was the toughest Democratic challenger for him whereas McGovern was the easiest.

Hunter Thompson also wrote about the fact that Muskie was seen as the toughest and McGovern the weakest candidates respectively

It was the Canuck letter that destroyed Muskie’s campaign, that ended it overnight in fact.

Now history is repeating itself again as farce.

If there was collusion with Russia, you have to start with Roger Stone. Last August he was bragging about his back channel conversations with Julian Assange about coordination on timing.

“Trump Dirty Trickster Roger Stone: How ‘Hero’ Assange Could Help Our Campaign.”

“The conspiracist reveals he’s been in touch with the WikiLeaks founder regarding Clinton emails—and when to dump them on the media.”


When to dump them on the media. If that’s not coordination then please tell me what is. And it is the belief of the intelligence agencies-and the claim of the Steele Dossier which has been shown to be true in many of its particulars-that Assange is in bed with the Russians.

Louise Mensch provided some more proof of this in her very important blog last night.

Wikileaks is Connected to Russia – Despite Their Claims

Note that the author here is Laurelai Bailey formerly of Wikileaks. She knows firsthand that Julian Assange is no hero as Stone claims and many on the Left falsely believe. Assange is piggybacking on the work of people like herself-who all left in 2010. Wikileaks is not what it used to be anymore.

Anyway, if Wikileaks is working with the Russians than that’s Stone coordinating with the Russians which is treason and proves Trump is illegitimate.

Last week, we learned that Stone was actually having conversations with Guccifer 2.0

Roger Stone has been insisting that there’s just nothing to his conversations with Guccifer 2.0. He reasons that as he spoke to Guccifer 2.0 after the DNC leaks, it shows he’s clean-after all, he didn’t ask for the leaks as they’d already been done.

Yes, but there was also this rather interesting response from Guccifer 2.0

“In one of the messages dated Aug. 14, Mr. Stone said he was “delighted” that Twitter had reinstated Guccifer 2.0’s account following a brief suspension. Two days later, Mr. Stone again privately messaged the Twitter account and asked for it to retweet a column he had written about the prospects of the 2016 presidential election being “rigged.”

“wow. thank u for writing back, and thank u for an article about me!!!” Guccifer 2.0 wrote Mr. Stone in the interim,”

“i’m pleased to say that u r great man,” Guccifer 2.0 wrote in an Aug. 17 message to Mr. Stone. “please tell me if i can help u anyhow. it would be a great pleasure to me.”

This is not at all a innocuous, ‘benign’ conversation between Roger Stone and Guccifer 2.0 about the weather.

Guccifer 2.0 said ‘please tell me if I can help you somehow.’

That’s innocuous and benign? But what Stone himself says here is even less innocuous and benign: he asks Guccifer 2.0 to RT Stone’s column on the election being ‘rigged.’ This was back in early August, 2016.

And this was not just talk. The coordination happened. Guccifer 2.0 went all out:


Stone is still trying to act as if Guccifer 2.0 was just who he said he was: a lone wolf Rumanian hacker.

But if this is true what is this about Guccifer 2.0 being an independent observer in the election from the inside? 

So again, if you are looking for coordination there’s your coordination. Just these messages between Stone and Guccifer 2.0 showed coordination. Guccifer 2.0 picked up this ‘election rigging’ scheme at Stone’s request and even claimed that it was going to be an ‘election observer.’

And our intelligence agencies believe he is actually part of the GRU-Russian intelligence.

So how do you draw a better road map at this point in showing that Roger Stone did coordinate with Russia in the interference in our election?

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