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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Why the Media Keeps Taking Shots at Hillary

In a new book about the campaign there is real glee in the media about how allegedly bad a candidate Hillary was and how bad her campaign allegedly was.

Chris Cillizza, of course, can’t wait to pile on:

“Hillary Clinton’s loss at the hands of Donald Trump last November is the single biggest upset in modern presidential politics. I’ve spent the intervening months trying to understand what Clinton’s defeat said about the electorate, about Clinton and about the campaign she ran. Now, there’s a book that does all of that for me! “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign” by Amie Parnes and Jon Allen came out today, offering a blow-by-blow account of exactly how Clinton lost a race everyone — including her! — thought was un-loseable. I reached out to Amie and Jon to talk to them about the book, what they learned about Clinton and who, really, deserves the blame for her loss. Our conversation, conducted via email and lightly edited for flow, is below.”

The framing makes it sound as if Cillizza doesn’t know why she lost and is looking to Parney and Allen to tell him why. But it’s clear that he and they have already decided in advance ‘who’s to blame.’

“Hillary Clinton only has herself to blame for her 2016 loss.”

Of course. For the media that’s the only acceptable answer. It’s got to be 100% her fault.

Cillizza: Who is, really, to blame for her losing? The candidate herself? Robby Mook? Someones(s) else? And, why?”

Parnes/Allen: Our reporting led us to believe that she’s ultimately responsible for this. After all, she’s the candidate and this wasn’t her first rodeo. To the extent that Robby didn’t execute perfectly, she never really abandoned the one thing he was doing wrong. The corrective measure would have been to put someone else in who wasn’t so reliant on data and analytics. But she didn’t do that.”

It’s interesting that the one polling analyst who did anticipate Trump’s win didn’t come to this conclusion because she was a terrible candidate who ran a terrible campaign-just that it wasn’t a great year for a generic Democratic Presidential candidate.

Intrestingly Alan Litchman is now predicting Trump is impeached. So if Litchman were right-and he was one of the few that saw Trump’s win-then she actually did quite well considering it wasn’t a great year for Democrats. Her loss could at least be partly due to bad luck. Of course, as Hegel said, success retroactively validates every undertaking whereas failure makes hindsight think every decision and plan was way off base.

Back to the Hillary bashing:

And it’s also worth noting that Robby Mook was dealing with a candidate who did an inexplicable thing with her email server and gave speeches to banks at a time of rising populism. And she refused to apologize for any of it for a long time.

So when has Mike Pence apologized for using an email server for in Indiana-that was actually hacked? When did Jeb Bush or Scott Walker apologize for their private email setups? They never did and the media never demanded they did.

And clearly it’s a time of ‘rising populism’-that’s why we have the richest WH cabinet in history. Did you get Steve Mnuchin, Wilbur Ross, and Betsy DeVos’ apologies? Neither did I. And Cillizza, Parnes, and Allen aren’t asking for it either.

Jay Rosen has a list of things the media is and isn’t doing well so far. Here is part of his list of what they aren’t doing so well.

Bullet point one is key. The media refuses to analyze it’s own election behavior. A large part of the normalization of Trump was what Jonathan Chait called the ‘abnormalization of Hillary.’

A major part of this abnormalization was to act like a minor email scandal was the crime of the century: ‘Sure Hitler doing the Holocaust was wrong but then again Hillary Clinton used an email server so the public doesn’t like either candidate.’

And for the record, the whole Trump WH is using a private email server at the RNC-the same one Karl Rove used when they allegedly lost 20 million emails.

So even if you thought Trump was the guy for email server management you got played. But the media is who put that absurd idea in your head.

The media is not interested in looking at this. Just sitting back and claiming it was right all along: We said she was a terrible candidate and look what happened-she lost. Clearly everything anyone ever said about her was spot on.

Christina Reynolds, who was actually part of the Hillary campaign, tells quite a different story that this media narrative that it was the worst campaign in history supporting the worst candidate.

View story at

P.S. As we saw in my poll out last week, the long awaited poll results are in, and right now I’m just 11 points down vs. Peter King (GOP-NY-District 2). And the voters don’t even know who I am yet.

There is nothing more important in getting answers to Trump-Russia collusion than a Democratic House in 2019. Please donate to help me in my part of the effort to fight for a Dem House.

Thank you. We must have a Dem House. And so, we will.

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