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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sean Spicer Should Never Have Called Roger Stone a Hanger on

Since he said that, Stone has been ubiquitous in the news, inveighing here there and everywhere on everything.

“Roger Stone helped Donald Trump get elected president – now he’s helping himself.”

Boy did he ever help Trump win. You have his clear collusion with both Guccifer 2.0 and Julian Assange. He also was neck deep in Comeygate. He certainly seems to know a lot about the Comey letter.

Comey had no choice. The NYPD had and has a copy of the 650,000 emails. Comey’s statement, days before the election, that there’s nothing in there, is a bald-faced lie. This is just supposition, but I think the FBI director looked at the content and said they’re going to hang me if I don’t do something.”

Then you have Stone taking credit for his very nasty ads directed at African Americans that claimed Bill Clinton had a Black illegitimate son in Arkansas he refused to acknowledge.

“In the book’s appendix, you cite traffic figures for the propagation of the meme around Danney Williams, who continues to claim that he is Bill Clinton’s secret love child.”

“Frankly, I think anybody who has seen the multiple videos will say that Danney and his mother and his aunt make a pretty compelling argument. Remember, this isn’t a court of law. This is the court of public opinion. Obviously, many African-American voters believe that Danney is Bill’s son. As I show in the book, in the places targeted [with the Williams meme by the Trump campaign], African-American voter participation was down overall, and Clinton’s share was off from her national averages.”

“Stone, the youngest member of Nixon’s CREEP-but certainly not the least important-is a kind of GOP political spook. He’s very good at Nixonian dirty tricks. He’s’ not a perfect spook by any means, however, Being a spook means you have to be modest. You save your country without anyone ever knowing it. You are honored only anonymously. Often even in death. ”

Stone is many things. One of those things is not modest. He wants credit for his dirty tricks-which is why he will make a very good witness before Congress.

“Richard Nixon’s dirty trickster is back in the limelight and knee-deep in scandal — just how he likes it.”

Those of us who want to get to the bottom of Russiagate like it very much as well.

“More than 4½ decades later, Stone still likes to think of himself as a man who operates in the shadows. “P.S.: I have no boring clients,” he tantalizing says one evening, without naming names or explaining exactly what he does. But the darkened office of this buddy of President Donald Trump is also buzzy because the old trickster is having a very public moment.”

He operates in the shadows but he loves to strut. This will be a big part of his-and Donald Trump’s-undoing.

“A regular human might find it unsettling that Congress is threatening to haul him before a committee investigating possible Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Stone is reveling in it.”

“I want to get called,” Stone, 64, says over dinner one night. “I just want a fair chance to tell my side of it.”

Why does he say this? Is he bluffing? Or does he say this because he loves publicity? There is in psychology such a thing as the ‘compulsion to confess.’ I’m not sure Stone has that but he has a deep exhibitionistic streak that may lead him in the same direction.

“Last year, he was banned from CNN after calling commentator Ana Navarro “an entitled diva bitch,” on Twitter. He’s also called her “fat and stupid.” In 2012, he tweeted that the liberal broadcaster Roland Martin is “a stupid negro.”

“Stone says he regrets the Martin remarks and points to statements he’s made urging Republicans to do a better job of outreach to African Americans. But he doesn’t plan to let up on Navarro, a co-chair of then-presidential candidate John McCain’s Hispanic advisory council, because he thinks she is overstating her credentials as a “Republican strategist.”

Great. He tells them to ‘do better’ with African Americans while running a nasty ad campaign about Danney Williams that he boasts dropped their turnout. Trump thanks them for not voting and Jeff Sessions at Justice comes in and rolls back the fight for policy accountability and civil rights.

Stone is such a friend to the Black community. Going back to the Canucks letter he delivered for Don Segretti in 1972 and the time he paid Al Sharpton to run so as to sink Howard Dean’s candidacy.

He claims to be for pot legalization but he helped put Sessions there and isn’t calling Trump to get rid of Sessions.

“Stone worked briefly for the Trump campaign in its early days and was either fired (Trump’s version) or quit (Stone’s version), but stayed in contact as an informal adviser and energetic promoter, including connecting Trump with the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones of When he left, Stone says, the campaign tried unsuccessfully to get him to sign a confidentiality agreement that would have prevented him from talking to reporters.”

Technically, Segretti was also an ‘informal’ part of the Nixon CREEP 1972 campaign. A big secret to campaigns-and Administrations-is that ‘informal’ doesn’t mean ‘unimportant.’ Often it’s the informal roles that are most important.

At his desk, Stone reads aloud from the transcript.

“Schiff: Mr. Stone was in direct communication with a creature of Russian GRU, Guccifer 2.0,” Stone recites in a loud, mocking tone.

“No, I don’t concede that! Wrong!” Stone says in a booming voice as if Schiff were in the room with him. “Unsupportable. . . . It’s innocuous. Sorry guys, you cannot prove Guccifer is a Russian agent. When the intelligence services use the word ‘assessment” that means, ‘We don’t know. We’re guessing.’ ”

Maybe, though you don’t know what they know. It may be a pretty educated ‘guess.’ Stone’s conversations with Guccifer 2.0, though were hardly ‘innocent.’ For once, he’s modest.

Now you see why Trump wanted him to sign the confidentiality agreement. To be sure, most people who work for Trump do sign. Score one for Stone in avoiding it. And one for the prosecution.

In other news, Stone is having more sexist meltdowns on Twitter:

“This evening Roger Stone tweeted “Hey @LAK12384 I’m watching you and know what you’re up to. Better watch your ass.” The tweet was aimed at political journalist Laura Allison Keiter, who works for Media Matters. In case Stone deletes the tweet, we took a screen capture:”

“This latest threatening tweet did not contain any specifically sexist material. However, Roger Stone has demonstrated a clear pattern of attacking and threatening female political pundits in a sexist manner, so it’s presumable that his current threat aimed at Keiter is also based on her gender. Palmer Report isn’t the only news outlet to notice the trend, as Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas tweeted that “Twitter should ban this creep [Stone] for this creepy shit.” If you want to report Stone to Twitter for his targeted harassment of Keiter, you can find his Twitter account here.”

Also, we should all follow Laura Allison Keiter.

P.S. As we saw in my poll out last week, the long awaited poll results are in, and right now I’m just 11 points down vs. Peter King (GOP-NY-District 2). And the voters don’t even know who I am yet.

There is nothing more important in getting answers to Trump-Russia collusion than a Democratic House in 2019. Please donate to help me in my part of the effort to fight for a Dem House.

Thank you. We must have a Dem House. And so, we will.

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