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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Both Louise Mensch’s and Puesto Loco’s Sources Agree: Paul Ryan Coordinated With Wikileaks

The Washington Post had that piece where they reported on the tapes of the House GOP last year.

Paul Ryan and the GOP think Evan McMullin leaked it. McMullin has denied doing so but he hasn’t denied the substance. Indeed, Ryan and Kevin McCarthy had tried to lie until they learned that the Washington Post actually had the tapes.

And there was word that this tape-which showed that way back in June 2016, the GOP already knew that Russia was behind the hacking of the DNC, etc.

But the suggestion that there may be tapes that show more than just not saying anything-which already could make them an accessory after the fact.

Puesto Loco:

This is a great job by Puesto Loco as it very simply is able to summarize a very big and sprawling operation with many moving parts into a very simple and easy to understand picture.

It’s so good, in fact I simply must get this put on a t shirt. Maybe I’ll try to get it put on fliers for my campaign. But I digress…

So now Louise Mensch with completely different sources than Puesto Loco is getting the same information.

With all the talk about Jeff Sessions having yet another undisclosed meeting with Kisylak, he at least has lots of GOP company. Many Republicans have all these totally innocent meetings with the Russian envoy they just managed to forget.

Remember when Trump tried to prove this was a fake scandal by tweeting a picture of Nancy Pelosi eating dinner with Kisylay-and the rest of Congress-back in 2010 and Chuck Schumer eating ice cream with Putin at a Senate function? 

You have to go back years for meetings that were just public relation photo ops. Trump and the GOP instead had many multiple secret meetings with Kiylak and friends that they ‘misremembered.’

Paul Ryan, it turns out also had one of these secret, misremembered meetings at the RNC convention last year.

“Exclusive: Sources with links to the intelligence community now confirm that a tape exists of Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, discussing how Russian money could be funneled without detection to target GOP campaigns, including Ryan’s.”

“These sources report that Mr. Ryan is also on tape discussing how he can best use and disseminate Wikileaks material that was hacked from the DNC by Russia in order to win both his own election and election for Trump.”

“Further, sources say, the tape of Mr. Ryan discussing his knowledge of Russia funding the GOP that has previously been published in the Washington Post is in fact a small fragment of a much more damaging tape.”

“Patribotics exclusively broke the news of that tape  one week before it was released in the mainstream media. In this story of May 11th I reported:

On Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, normally third in the line of succession, I can report as fact that sources say that Ryan has been legally intercepted, and is on tape, admitting that he knew Russian money was being laundered into the Republican party. Without co-operation pending resignation Ryan may find himself swept up into a RICO prosecution involving the apparatus of the Republican party who accepted laundered Russian money.

“A week later Adam Entous at the Washington Post printed his exclusive report on the partial content of that tape.”

“My sources had clarified, at the time, that this tape was not the same as I had heard previously, namely, that Paul Ryan was directly on tape at the GOP convention discussing money laundering with the Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. Reince Priebus was on tape doing so, these sources said.”

“Separate sources with links to the intelligence community and justice departments now confirm that there are at least two tapes of Speaker Ryan discussing Russian money, however. One is the tape that I reported and which the Washington Post published. The second, however, is indeed of Ryan speaking with Kislyak at the convention. Sources report that there is signals intelligence, or SIGINT, of Paul Ryan discussing Russian money reaching the GOP and being covered up through companies using the ruling on Citizens United. Further, there is signals intelligence connecting Ryan to discussions on how best to use hacked data from Wikileaks to benefit Trump’s campaign and his own as well as the GOP in general.”

However, the intel community is not at all happy with Ryan now with his attempts to mischaracterize what Comey had said.

“Sources with links to the intelligence community report a widespread belief that Mr. Ryan is being forced to act sympathetic towards Trump and dismissive of the Russian probe because Russia holds kompromat upon him. There is anger, these sources say, amongst rank and file intelligence agents at Paul Ryan’s gross defense of Trump and rank misstatements of Director Comey’s bombshell testimony. Affirmation that Paul Ryan is on tape discussing Wikileaks and Russian money laundering with Sergei Kislyak at the GOP convention – as well as the extensive further tapes that exist of the Washington Post discussion where Ryan admits knowledge of the conspiracy to wash Russian money – may have been passed on in detail in order to remind the Speaker that if Russia holds kompromat on him so does the United States, and he may wish to reconsider his position before constantly defending treason by Donald Trump.”

So we may well be hearing some more treason tapes soon.

P.S. As we saw in my poll out last week, the long awaited poll results are in, and right now I’m just 11 points down vs. Peter King (GOP-NY-District 2). And the voters don’t even know who I am yet.

There is nothing more important in getting answers to Trump-Russia collusion than a Democratic House in 2019. Please donate to help me in my part of the effort to fight for a Dem House.

Thank you. We must have a Dem House. And so, we will.

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